Why You Should Invest In Impact Windows For Your Home?

Today I wanted to discuss with you some of the top benefits of investing in impact windows and doors for your home in Miami, Florida.

Energy Efficiency – With today’s economy, we all try to do anything we can that will help to reduce any of our monthly expenses such as our energy bill. The problem with existing standard windows is that they allow heat or cold to pass through them easily with little resistance, which makes it hard for your home to maintain the desired temperature. Now this is not the case when it comes to impact windows, which actually help to properly insulate your home so the transfer of heat and cold between the outer environment and the inner environment is controlled and as a result you will see a reduction on your electric bill.

24 Hours Protection All Year Long – If you currently own hurricane storm panels, then you know it is a lot of work when the time comes to install them or remove them. This is not the only problem with them; another problem is that they only offer temporary protection which does not help against burglary or high velocity winds. Miami impact resistant windows on the other hand provide around the clock protection.

Outside Noise Reduction – If you live close to an airport or busy highway, then reducing the amount of noise that enters your home could be a great option. PGT high impact windows will provide noise reduction in your home, making it a lot more peaceful while at the same time offering hurricane protection.

Ultraviolet Protection – If you live in a state like Florida where it is mostly sunny year round, then you can expect that UV rays will be present. Quality hurricane windows will prevent 99% of these harmful rays from entering your home so that your furniture or flooring will not get damaged.

Homeowners Insurance Discounts – Impact windows are considered to be a protective device for a home, so as a result, homeowners can see up to a 50% reduction in their existing insurance premiums.

To summarize, impact windows and doors do a lot more than just protecting your home and family in Miami-Dade county from hurricane force winds, they also provide around the clock protection, insurance discounts, ultraviolet protection, reduced electric bills and noise reduction.

Hurricane-proof your Windows and Doors